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Contact: Clare Francis

Tel: 0161 831 5600



Locations: England - North East, England - North West, England - SE - Greater London, Scotland, England - South East, England - South West, England - West Midlands, England - Yorkshire and Humberside

Sector: Consultant

Abacus House
33 Gutter Lane


JMP is a leading multi-disciplinary company employing highly skilled transportation professionals, including public
transport specialists, traffic and highway engineers, transport planners,economists and environmental scientists.

The company has around 150 permanent staff employed in offices throughout the UK. JMP has offices in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Strategic transportation advice and the research and development of innovative policy and design solutions for complex regeneration projects are
JMP's specialist focus. JMP work regularly with planners, architects,development agencies and local authorities to develop effective transport

JMP staff are recognised for their specialist expertise in a number of important fields, including:
* Sustainable Transportation Policy;
* Transit Systems;
* Transport Planning;
* Parking Control & Solutions;
* Passenger Transport;
* Urban Regeneration & Development;
* Traffic Engineering
* ITS and
* Expert Witness.

JMP is unique in that we are the only specialist independent consultancy able to provide the full range of both transport planning and engineering consultancy services. JMP not only develop the transport planning strategy, but we also undertake the engineering design and oversee
implementation of the necessary infrastructure. We believe that this expertise is invaluable to our clients. JMP transport solutions are always
developed with reference to the design feasibility of any recommendations.
This means that our advice is good advice, focussed on practical and effective solutions.

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